Case Studies

Below you will find some personal feedback and findings from some of TCM Dr Zhang's individual cases. All pictures are taken with the client's consent, and all findings are of TCM Dr Zhang's individual empirical evidence only and are not medical advise in any way shape or form.

Shingles is an acute infectious skin disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Because the virus lurks in the neurons of the posterior root ganglia of the spinal cord, when the resistance is low or fatigue, infection, or a cold, the virus can grow and reproduce, and move along the nerve fibres to the skin, causing […]

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How is Acupuncture Treated?

Talking about my back pain (myositis): The role of acupuncture is to adjust the balance of the body, to ventilate the blood. Reduce the internal pressure of the muscles. Simply put, when the patient is lying flat, the back appears high and low. The high side is sure to touch the hand and feel stiff. […]

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Back Pain
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Wrist Pain

Wrist pain in many cases, it is caused by strain. After acupuncture, the end of the needle is heated to promote blood circulation, and pain symptoms can be reduced or relieved.

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Shoulder and Neck Pain

Simultaneous treatment of neck and shoulder.

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