In my clinical practice, although the causes of headaches are complex, in many cases, adjustment and treatment of the cervical spine can promote local blood circulation to reduce or even relieve headaches, especially migraines.The pathogenesis of headache is complicated, which is mainly caused by the stimulation of pain receptors in the intracranial and extracranial hyperalgesia structures, which are conducted through the nociceptive pathway to reach the cerebral cortex.

 Traditional Chinese medicine considers the causes and classification of headaches:
1. Feeling of external evils is usually caused by careless daily life, sitting or lying in the wind, feeling the offending of external evils such as wind, cold, dampness, heat, etc., the qi of Qingyang is not smooth, blocking the meridians and causing headaches.

2. Emotional depression and anger, long-term mental tension and depression, liver qi stagnation, liver failure due to anxiety and headache; or usually rebellious temperament, anger is too much, qi depression turns fire, liver yang loses concentration and becomes hyperactive. Qi and pulse are full, Qingyang is disturbed and headache.

3. Irregular diet, addicted to fat and sweet taste, overeating, or straining the spleen and stomach, so that the spleen yang is weak, the spleen cannot be transported and transformed into body fluid, gathering and producing phlegm, clearing the orifice is blocked by phlegm and dampness; phlegm blocks the brain The pulse causes qi and blood to be poor, and the veins and collaterals are unnourished and painful.

4. Insufficiency of congenital endowment, or the desire to work, the kidney is damaged, the yin essence is depleted, or the qi and blood decline in old age, or the chronic illness is not good. And it hurts.

5. Traumatic fall, chronic illness, poor meridian, blood stasis and stagnation of qi, and headache caused by loss of nutrition.

  Mechanical, chemical, biological irritation and biochemical changes in the body can cause headaches when acting on intracranial and external hyperalgesia structures. Such as expansion or traction of intracranial and external arteries, displacement or traction of intracranial veins and venous sinuses, compression, traction or inflammatory stimulation of cranial and cervical nerves, cranial and neck muscle spasm, inflammatory stimulation or trauma, Meningeal irritation caused by various reasons, abnormal intracranial pressure, dysfunction of the intracranial serotonergic neuron projection system, etc.


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