Acupuncture chinese medicine and Cancer


There is evidence to suggest that Chinese medicine may be able to provide support with nausea and vomiting related to cancer treatment.

Adjuvant treatment of cancer

     Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can alleviate some symptoms of cancer patients. Cancer patients often use chemotherapy to control their condition and treatment.

     Chemotherapy generally causes certain physical harm to the patient, leading to loss of appetite and poor mental state. Nausea, hair loss/insomnia/irritability/etc., the body's immunity will also decrease to a certain extent.Affect the patient's physical and mental health, and the patient is unwilling to cooperate with chemotherapy.At the same time, cancer patients feel more pain during treatment or directly caused by tumours. Most of these patients are directly caused by tumours.The long-term pain state will cause the patients' physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to be seriously affected. It is not conducive to the development of treatment programs, and at the same time reduces the quality of life of patients.The stimulation of acupuncture can reduce some symptoms and improve insomnia and appetite, improve the quality of life, and better cooperate with chemotherapy treatment.

 Many people think that cancer is related to industrial pollution, but the proportion of Xuanwei lung cancer in Yunnan in remote mountainous areas of China is very high, and the proportion of women suffering from lung cancer is higher than that of men. There is no industry, no pollution, and women do not smoke. , So neither industrial pollution nor smoking can be attributed. But people there generally like to eat marinated pork and smoke it after marinating. So some think it has something to do with the smoking after pickling. Ancient Chinese medical documents have records of cancer, which are called ‘mass’. Chinese writing has not changed significantly for thousands of years, and the records in ancient tombs for thousands of years are still readable. In the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shihuang killed all dissidents and burned all political and historical books, but kept them(Books on Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, agriculture, and fortune-telling). Books on medicine and agriculture, so we can still read and learn from them today. Perhaps only here is the connection among all ancient civilizations. So how did the Chinese in ancient times treat cancer? What they advocate is to strengthen the body’s immunity and allow the body itself to overcome the disease. Today’s chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical resection directly destroy or eliminate cancer cells. This is a cultural difference, just as someone asked me why acupuncture can treat pain? I answer: Acupuncture cannot treat pain. Acupuncture stimulates the body to eliminate the patient and pain by itself. Just as humans have built cars, humans can repair cars when they break down and bring them to good condition. And our body is not made by human beings. The body is made by the body. The body comes from the body. Human beings cannot repair human beings. Therefore, the body can only repair the patients with the body. Based on this, acupuncture and moxibustion or Chinese medicine adjust the balance of the body and allow the body to repair the patient by itself. The government now advocates vaccination, not by improving the body's immunity to achieve the purpose of disease prevention, rather than killing the virus through vaccines. This is almost the same.     
 So how did the ancient Chinese treat diseases? The ancients treated diseases according to classification attributes. Just like stomach pain and vomiting, you feel comfortable and you like hot drinks. This means that your stomach is imbalanced and cold. If you eat something warm, you feel comfortable. Pepper and ginger will correct the cold stomach and eliminate the patient. If stomach pain, constipation, bad breath, and toothache are uncomfortable, this means that the stomach is imbalanced and hot. Drinking peppermint tea can alleviate the symptoms. Ryo classifies and then administers medicines and adjusts to the body's condition to balance the body, and never treats or kills cancer cells.
Strictly speaking, Chinese medicine does not have a disease name. Chinese medicine only talks about symptoms or manifestations of disease. For example, Western medicine talks about diabetes, while Chinese medicine does not have specific Chinese medicines. Instead, it adjusts and replenishes deviations based on clinical manifestations such as cold, heat, deficiency, and actuality. Chinese medicine also does not have analgesics, but adjusts the body according to the clinical manifestations. The cold-hot, hot-cold, the real-relieve it, and the deficient-replenish it, so that the body can balance and eliminate pain, so as to achieve cure. Purpose.
In addition, ancient people also emphasized the role of emotional factors in treatment, because many patients are depressed under long-term patient torment. They tend to persuade patients to treat life correctly and be happy. They often receive unexpected surprises during treatment. Curative effect. The most common method I use is to get the patient to get up in the morning in a wooded place in the park, and take a deep breath facing the east where the sun rises, hold the breath as much as possible, and then exhale. After going back and forth several times, I felt happy and energetic. For those patients with heel pain, I taught them to hit the ground 49 times with the heel of the painful side in the morning to increase blood circulation. The process of hitting the ground is also to adjust emotions. Of course, reducing stress will have a good effect. For people who look down at the computer at the desk for a long time, the physiological curvature of the cervical spine becomes straight. I ask them to fill hot water with a wine bottle, wrap a towel and put on the bed, lie flat, and place their neck on the bottle 15- In 20 minutes, increase the curvature of the cervical spine, reduce the pressure on the cervical spine, and change the headache situation. For patients who have lost physical curvature of the waist, have low back pain in a flat waist, and are difficult to bend over, I asked them to make a small pillow with the thickness of his two palms under the waist after hard work, and lie flat for 15 minutes. Can work easily; for women who often have dysmenorrhea, I suggest that they buy 500g of salt and put it in a cloth bag to compress their stomachs after frying. The effect is better than a hot water bottle, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that salt is a salty meridian that enters the kidneys. If you add vinegar to it The meridians of the liver, and they jointly control women’s menstruation, all generally reflect that the effect is better than hot water bottles.
In the same way, I don't think that acupuncture and Chinese medicine cure cancer, but they alleviate certain aspects of pain.

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