Often manifested as depression, pessimism and disappointment about the future, unwilling to actively interact with others, depression, depression, cowardice, dizziness, severe insomnia, tinnitus and deafness, sluggish eyes, palpitations, panic and easy crying, depression Distress, memory loss, slow response, constipation, and other serious physical and mental discomfort and autonomic dysfunction. Depression often occurs in people who are sentimental, withdrawn, narrow-minded, indifferent, lack of love, and neglect.

How do depression patients self-regulate during the epidemic? 

First of all, think more from the sun.

Learn to self-discipline.

When encountering things that do not go well, try to seek common ground and keep small differences. Don't make your heart stagnate for small things. This requires a little more dialectics in your daily life.

Second, communicate more with close friends. Depression is often accompanied by loneliness, encountering problems that are difficult for oneself to resolve, and making friends with people with similar experiences, understanding, and aggressive in life and career, in this way, you can get a soulmate effect.

Third, spend more time with smiles. As the saying goes: "Smile is always open, youth is always there." Smile is the best medicine for depression. Try to be simple, simple, and sunny. Otherwise, in this materialistic and complex world, it is easy to get stuck in it if you are too heavy.

Only by making yourself simple, the sunshine will naturally fill your face with a smile, and distress, sorrow, and depression will stay away from you.

Fourth, strive to develop good living habits. Man is formed by the interaction of yin and yang between heaven and earth.

"Suwen•Cough Theory": "Human and heaven and earth are involved." Heaven and earth are the origins of human beings. Therefore, the natural world of heaven and earth is the origin of human beings.

The best way, such as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, such as restoring the mood in the beautiful landscape is a good way of life.

If you cannot do it in the above way, it is recommended that you insist on jogging or walking fast, because this neutralizing and relaxing exercise can rhythmically stretch the governor channel of the back, the full sun bladder meridian, the foot shaoyang gall bladder meridian, etc. Meridians, this is a good way to invigorate yang, and it is an effective way to neutralize the negative pathogenesis of depression patients.

But try not to practice Tai Chi, this method is more feminine and quiet, not suitable for depression patients.

Fifth, pay attention to diet. Being in a state of depression for a long time will consume a lot of energy, and a timely supplement of nutrition is beneficial to the recovery of the disease.

On the premise of a light diet, try to supplement enough high-protein, high-fibre, high-calorie diets, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, soybeans, fresh fruits, etc., and pay attention to eating foods that moisturize the intestines, such as whole grains, Coarse grains, it is best to match the thickness to keep the stool smooth.

Eat less or don't eat spicy food, because most patients with depression have gastrointestinal disorders.

Sixth, try not to take or take a minimum number of sleeping drugs. Taking these drugs in large quantities for a long time has greater toxic and side effects and can also cover up the condition.

There is an empirical prescription for the early stage of depression. The effect is good. 5 grams of light green tea, 6 grams of jasmine, 9 grams of calamus are brewed with boiling water, drink at will, 1 dose a day, it has the effect of clearing heat and soothing the nerves.

Modern society is fast-paced, stressful, complex relationships, and more and more closed between people, so depression will happen frequently.

Whether you or your friend is suffering from depression, using the above methods for comprehensive treatment can at least relieve the symptoms, so you might as well give it a try.

4 Self-Massage Acupoints that Reduce Life Pressure and Relieve Depression and Irritability

Our body is governed by consciousness, and self-regulation benefits a lot.

Do you feel bad, melancholy, and chest tightness because of major and minor things in work or life?

If you want to get rid of bad emotions such as depression and anxiety, you might as well press these acupoints to help your body flow through the Qi and blood to resolve depression.

Massage 4 points to relieve depression.

  1. Baihui Point: The two ears meet to the top of the head. It can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by high pressure and moodiness, such as headache and dizziness.
  2. Laogong Point: Make a fist and flex your fingers to eat, between the middle finger. It is a special acupuncture point for the treatment of mind and heart disease. It can calm the nerves and revitalize the mind.
  3. Tanzhong point: the midpoint of the line connecting the front midline of the human body and the two nipples. It has the effect of calming mind and relieving chest tightness and discomfort caused by depression. When massaging, use the thumb of your thumb to rub the acupuncture points slightly. Each time you knead for about 5 seconds and rest for 3 seconds.
  4. Neiguan Point: The midpoint of the horizontal stripes on the wrist, about three fingers wide upward. It has the effect of invigorating the heart, calming the mind, and rubbing the acupuncture points with your thumb to eliminate the feeling of tension when you are under tension and pressure. It can also eliminate flatulence, relieve heart palpitations and insomnia symptoms.



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