Numbness of Fingers

numb fingers

Pathological numbness caused by the disease usually has no obvious cause.

It lasts for a long time or recurs. It is mild and severe.

It is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as numbness of hands and feet caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis, which may be accompanied by dizziness, headache, and memory loss, vision loss, increased or low blood pressure, increased blood lipids, and other changes.

This numbness of hands and feet is hemilateral, and the patient is also older; numbness caused by cervical spondylosis is numbness of the affected hand or upper limb, accompanied by pain, and limited mobility.

Numbness caused by multiple peripheral neuritis is symmetrical numbness of the extremities (fingers, toes) with pain; thromboangiitis can also cause chills, chills, severe pain, and weakened dorsal artery pulsation or disappear, etc.; if patients with hypertension have repeated unilateral numbness of hands and feet, they should be treated promptly.

Our treatment is mainly based on the different numbness of the fingers: such as numbness in the big finger, index finger, and middle finger, the middle finger is the most numb.

The treatment is in the wrist, that is, carpal tunnel syndrome, the middle finger, ring finger, little finger numbness.

Little finger light treatment is in the pronator round muscle, ring finger, middle finger, little finger numbness with neck pain, arm pain, 6/7th intervertebral foramina deformity, and the treatment of painful nodes adjacent to the 6/7th vertebra spinous process.

Numbness of the thumb, index finger, and middle finger causes neck pain, arm pain, deformation of the 5/6 intervertebral foramen, and reduced pain to treat the painful nodes next to the spinous process of the 5/6 vertebra.

If there is numbness of the upper arm more than 10cm below the elbow joint, with neck pain, shoulder pain, deformity of the 4/5 intervertebral foramina, and time change, treat the painful node next to the 4/5 vertebra spinous process.

Shoulder numbness and neck pain, the 5/6th intervertebral foramen deformity, degeneration treats painful nodules beside the 5/6th vertebral spinous process, back numbness, pain, the 2/3th intervertebral foramen deformity and degeneration.

Our treatment is performed on the deformity of the 2/3 vertebra and the 5/6 intervertebral foramen, and the painful nodes adjacent to the spinous process of the 5/6 vertebra are treated for small changes.
(The painful nodes next to the spinous process must be carefully searched during the pressing with fingers. They have different shapes but are all pathological products,Is also the key to treatment)


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