Infertility, Impotence and Premature Ejaculation

infertility impotence

For women of childbearing age, the couple has lived together for more than two years after marriage, the spouse's reproductive function is normal, and those who have not conceived without contraception are infertile.

Those who have never been pregnant are categorised as primary infertility, and those who have had no contraception after giving birth or miscarriage but are infertile for more than two years are categorised as secondary infertility.

There are many reasons for this disease, mainly genital diseases, such as ovulation disorder, fallopian tube obstruction, endometriosis and so on.

If it is a congenital physical defect such as no child richness, no ovaries, no endometrial membrane, substantial uterus, and substantial fallopian tubes, it cannot be solved by drugs or acupuncture.

TCM treatment of infertility
Treatment based on syndrome differentiation is divided into five types:
  (1) Kidney Yang deficiency type
  (2) Kidney Yin deficiency type
  (3) Liver Qi stagnation type
  (4) Blood stasis cell vein type
   (5) Phlegm-damp obstructive type.

        Adult male sexual dysfunction disease, the penis cannot be erected or the erection is not firm and cannot have sexual intercourse. Mostly caused by prostate inflammation or neurological dysfunction.Impotence refers to a symptom that young men have a weak penis and are not firm in the interim, or firm but not durable. Although the etiology of impotence is complicated, it is more common to have too much intercourse and frequent masturbation. The disease is located in the kidney and is closely related to the spleen, stomach and liver. This disease is mainly caused by the failure of life gate, damage to the heart and spleen, fear of injury to the kidney, liver depression, uncomfortable betting with damp heat, etc., leading to dystrophy and relaxation of the tendons.
The main points of syndrome differentiation are to distinguish whether there is fire or not, and to distinguish between the viscera and the viscera. The treatment of impotence is mainly based on the etiology, pathogenesis and manpower. It is better to make up if it is insufficiency, to relieve it if it is true, to clear if there is fire, and to warm if there is no fire. Those who suffer from fire failure should warm the kidney and strengthen the yang, nourish the kidney and replenish the essence, avoid pure heat and dryness, and should choose fleshy and tender products; those with damaged heart and spleen can replenish the heart and spleen; those with fear of kidney injury, benefit Kidney calms the nerves; those with liver depression, soothing the liver and relieving depression; those with damp-heat betting, with bitter cold and strong yin, clearing heat and removing dampness. Temper room, abstain from masturbation, and regulate emotions are all important auxiliary treatment measures.


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