Neck pain

Cervical spondylosis is especially obvious in office workers.

Cervical spondylosis refers to the symptoms and signs of spinal cord, nerve, and blood vessel damage caused by degeneration of cervical intervertebral disc and its secondary intervertebral joint degeneration.
neck pain

Over 100 type of diseases stems from neck pain.

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis are complex and diverse. The affected parts range from the top of the head, down to the legs and feet, shallow to the skin, and deep to some internal organs. It can almost be said that incurable diseases are caused by the cervical spine. According to anatomy, pathology and symptoms, cervical spondylosis can be divided into the following 6 types:

  1. Cervical spondylosis (also known as the stiff neck)

  2. Nerve root cervical spondylosis

  3. Vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis

  4. Sympathetic cervical spondylosis

  5. Mixed cervical spondylosis

  6. Cervical spondylotic myelopathy


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