Heel Pain

heel pain

What is Heel Pain?

Heel pain refers to pain on one or both sides of the heel, not redness or swelling, and inconvenient walking. Also known as heel pain. It is a disease caused by the bone, joint, bursa, fascia and other diseases of the heel. The common one is plantar fasciitis, which often occurs in long-standing or walking people, caused by long-term and chronic minor injuries. Lateral X-rays show calcaneal spurs. But having bone spurs does not necessarily have heel pain, and plantar fasciitis does not necessarily have bone spurs.

What are the characteristics of our treatment of heel pain?

        In fact, it is impossible to solve the problem only if it is limited to the above heel. Only part of the clinical problem lies in the heel. Some people suffer from cervical spine injury (mostly C6/C7) due to long-term work. If heel pain occurs, treating the neck in this condition can completely solve the problem. Some people, such as cleaners who have more chances to bend over, will also have heel pain. Of course, the attachment point of the lower part of the sacrum should be treated. According to our clinical practice, there are also knee heel pain, ankle heel pain, hip heel pain, and heel pain caused by pelvic displacement. This requires work on the cause of the disease, and it is not possible to "treat the head for headaches and treat the feet for foot pain". This is the characteristic of our treatment.



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