Case Studies of tcm dr zhang

How is Acupuncture Treated?

Below you will find some personal feedback and findings from some of TCM Dr Zhang's individual cases. All pictures are taken with the client's consent, and all findings are of TCM Dr Zhang's individual empirical evidence only and are not medical advice in any way shape or form.

Talking about my back pain (myositis):

The role of acupuncture is to adjust the balance of the body, to ventilate the blood. Reduce the internal pressure of the muscles. Simply put, when the patient is lying flat, the back appears high and low.

The high side is sure to touch the hand and feel stiff. At least it can be concluded that the high side is uncomfortable. The needle is used to pierce the transmembrane covering the muscle.

After the needle is released, the pressure on the affected side is relieved and the symptoms are greatly alleviated.

The membrane is the bone of the muscle. It is tightly wrapped around the muscles during the evolution of tens of thousands of years.

Once the muscles are damaged, there is bleeding, edema, and the internal pressure of the muscles must increase, which in turn stimulates the nerves. Pain. At this time, the needle of 0.45mm is better than the needle of 0.25mm.

It is obvious that the meaning of dredging meridians is not only the blood and blood in the body but the communication between the body and the outside world. This is very important!

Common back pain relies only on massage. Although it can promote blood circulation and relieve pain, it does not communicate with the outside world. Without reducing the pressure of the muscles, it is impossible to completely solve the problem. For this reason, I try to increase the amount of stimulation using the 'Thicker Technique', in which produces good results.

back muscle inflammation reduction

If you utilize cupping immediately, "No pain" is interpreted to circulate blood outside the body, which should also include communication with the outside. Reduce the pressure on the muscles of the injured Chinese medicine.

cupping in action
Interstitial fluid
Of course, it is better to be able to pull out a little yellow liquid (Interstitial fluid).


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