A Sensible and Sensitive Complementary Medical Approach to the Treatment of Male and Female Infertility

Newtown Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre for Reproductive Wellness, a focal point for natural fertility treatment in Sydney, Australia, is directed by Bill Zhang, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and Doctor of TCM. The Newtown Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre is world renowned for treating reproductive disorders with acupuncture, natural fertility medicine, nutrition, and fertility massage.

We take a comprehensive approach to increasing your fertile wellness with natural fertility. We even use natural fertility drugs (herbal medicine) which have been shown to be very effective in treating infertility when related to endometriosis, PCOS, high FSH, low sperm count, sperm DNA fragmentation, low ovarian reserve and even advanced maternal age.

The Newtown Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre¡¯s focus is on healing the underlying cause or causes of infertility. Our approach is straightforward : first we help you to achieve greater overall health, then we focus on greatly enhancing your reproductive function.

At The Newtown Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre for Reproductive Wellness you will be treated with kindness, warmth and compassion. We are a people-oriented healthcare center located in the heart of Newtown; not a factory!

Newtown Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre Provides:

  • Prepare for pregnancy:Improve the function of the ovaries to produce higher quality eggs; Increase blood flow to the uterus and increase the health of uterine lining; Relax and de-stress; Strengthen the immune system and increase energy levels
  • Consultation and diagnosis: Fifty percent of infertile couples are given a medical diagnosis of ¡®unknown cause¡¯ for their infertility. We offer thorough referral advice for appropriate medical examinations on both men and women.
  • Treatment for male and female infertility:After consultation, we are using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, chinese deit to improve sperm count, motility, morphology and reduce sperm DNA fragmentation; increase chance of conceiving.
  • Support during pregnancy: Treatment for morning sickness; baby in breach position; labour induction; haemorrhoids; back pain; fluid retention; blood pressure disorders; night time urination.
  • Postnatal support: Treatment for postnatal depression; Help speed up physical recovery after giving birth; poor lactation; mastitis; healing after caesarean section; poor healing after episiotomy; and painful intercourse after childbirth.

Listen to Melinda from Berowra. She's 5 months pregnant!

¡°I recommend acupuncture to everyone,¡± Melinda said. ¡°It does work, I did everything possible for years to have a baby, I almost lost hope.I discovered Dr. Bill and - thank goodness! After my initial visit I felt much better. I knew I was in good hands and I had hope.¡±

Acupuncture Helps IVF

A review of clinical trials shows that acupuncture improves the success rate of IVF.

5 march 2008

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One of the uses for acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine is to treat infertility in women.

There are many theories trying to explain why it might work, including the release of hormones which control the menstrual cycle, and relief of stress.

And given so many couples are having in vitro fertilisation _ often for several cycles before they have success _ it'd be good if there was a non-toxic way of improving their pregnancy chances.

Researchers have brought together all the trials they could find of needle acupuncture versus pretend acupuncture in women having an embryo transferred as part of IVF, to see what the sum of the evidence might be. Seven trials involving over 1300 women met the strict criteria of inclusion.

When there was active acupuncture, the pregnancy success after embryo transfer was higher. Around nine or 10 women had to have acupuncture for one to fall pregnant or take home a baby. When the researchers looked at studies where the background success rates of IVF were already high, the add-on benefits of acupuncture were less.

So it's still not a lay down that acupuncture does the job, but there are indications that it might, and given it's cheap and relatively harmless, it could save you time and money and help give you a baby.

What is infertility?

For a fertile couple in their twenties having regular unprotected sex, the chance of conceiving each month is only 25 per cent. So how do you know when something's amiss ?

The answer depends on how old you are. While the man's age is thought to play a role, the medical definition of infertility focuses on the woman. A woman under 35 is considered infertile if she fails to become pregnant after 12 months of regular unprotected sex. But for those over 35, the threshold is six months instead of 12.

There are degrees of infertility. The majority of infertile couples are actually sub fertile _ they produce eggs and sperm but have difficulty conceiving due to disorders such as hormone imbalances and problems of the reproductive tract. Cases of total infertility _ where no eggs or sperm are produced _ are rare.

Infertility statistics

  • One in six couples is infertile. In 40 per cent of cases the problem rests with the male, in 40 per cent with the female, ten per cent with both partners, and in a further ten per cent of cases, the cause is unknown.
  • One in 25 males has a low sperm count and one in 35 is sterile.
  • For healthy couples in their twenties having regular unprotected sex, the chance of becoming pregnant each month is 25 per cent.
  • The chance of conceiving in an IVF cycle is on average around 20 per cent (but varies due to individual circumstances).
  • More than one per cent of births in Australia involve the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

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