What qualifications do you look for in an acupuncturist?
    How do they work?
    Are they safe? What reassurances do you have that your acupuncturist is using sanitary (or disposable) needles?
    What factors determine if a patient is a candidate for acupuncture
    What Are the Advantages of Acupuncture?'
    If I Have Irregular Periods, Will I Have Trouble Getting Pregnant?
    What herbal remedies help infertility?
    How effective are they?
    Are Chinese herbal medications safe?
    Are Chinese herbal medications containing hormones?
    What criterion is used when prescribing herbal medications?
    Does the Medical Establishment Approve of Acupuncture??

  • What qualifications do you look for in an acupuncturist?
    First and foremost, a patient should look for a licensed acupuncturist. Some states like VIC, has its own acupuncture license board Which name is Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria(CMRB), that issue acupuncture licenses to whose that have passed the VIC qualifying examination. Secondly, you can check a qualifications from the professional association, like Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agencey (AHPRA), Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA), Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd(ATMs) in Australia. Third, the experience counts. Some one whose has a five years experience is better than those with only five months experience. One should also look for the experience in treating gynecological disorders and infertility with acupuncture. Bill is full member of AHPRA, CMRB, AACMA & ATMs
  • How do they work?
    Acupuncture is a time-honored medical treatment, dating back about 3,000 years in China. It is based on a theory that health depends upon the delicate balance and the normal flow of the Qi (pronounced "chi, or chee" meaning "energy" or "life force"). Thru the pathway of circulatory, nervouse system collectively called meridians (channels), they linkup with one or more organs thus control its physiological functions and its secreations. Too much activity (hyperfunctions) or too little activity (hypofunctions) in the organ can cause disturbance or blockage of the flow of the Qi along invisible pathways or meridians results in poor health, illness or pain. Think of the normal flow of qi as the normal traffic flow. Too much qi or qi excess means driving a car 100 mph on a freeway with 65mph speed limit which means accident. Too little qi or qi deficency means driving at 5mph on a freeway which results congestions. Congestion in our body can cause the delayed or reduced delivery of necessary oxygen, sugar, nutrients, hormones and delayed or reduced removal of bio-waste. By inserting a few hair-thin solid disposable pins into acupuncture points at various often seemingly unrelated locations, acupuncturist seeks to restored that balance by increasing or reducing the qi in the affected meridians and to remove the blockage, thereby restoring health
  • Are they safe? What reassurances do you have that your acupuncturist is using sanitary (or disposable) needles?
    Acupuncture has been safely practiced over thousands of years. Some concern has been raised about the transmission of disease by the needles. The best and the safest way is to ask if the acupuncturist uses only disposable needles and go to only the acupuncturist who does.
  • What factors determine if a patient is a candidate for acupuncture
    Most infertility people can benefit from acupuncture, particularly those who have tried on their own unsuccessfully for over a year or those who have tried failed one or two cycles intra-uterine-insemination (IUI) or in-vitro-fertilization (IVF). For these patients, there is frequently an underlining internal imbalance exists in the body that do not shown itself thru ultrasound or blood tests or laproscopy. An acupuncturist can detect such imbalance by looking tell tale signs such as cold hand or feet, color of the tongue, the strength of the pulse at different locations and many others factors such as digestions, stress, sleep, and the impact of the environment, cold, heat, dryness etc. on the patient. Once the imbalance is found, acupuncture for infertility treatments will be prescribed to restore healthy state of balance.
  • What Are the Advantages of Acupuncture?
    One benefit to acupuncture is that it is a drug-free way to minimize pain. With drugs, people often develop a tolerance, or the need for an increased dosage to achieve the same required effect. However, this does not happen with acupuncture. In addition, acupuncture allows the doctor to immediately examine a person's response to the treatment and adjust it if necessary.
  • If I Have Irregular Periods, Will I Have Trouble Getting Pregnant?
    Irregular periods can make getting pregnant more difficult, but they don't necessarily mean you won't be able to get pregnant on your own. The cause of your irregular periods, how irregular your periods are, and whether or not you can time sex for pregnancy accurately will all factor into the chances of your getting pregnant.
  • What herbal remedies help infertility?
    Most of the herbs an acupuncturist use are designed to restore the imbalance. There are several imbalances often seen in the clinic. These are in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are called ?Kidney Yin or Yang Deficiency (Adrenal Hyper or Hypo functions) ?Stress-induced depression, anxiety, fatigue, in TCM it is often called "Liver Qi Stagnation" Low energy, anemia, (QI and Blood Deficiency in TCM) and so on. Herbs and herbal formula are used to improve and restore the balance. There are over a dozen formuli to use for different combinations of imbalances. As such, there is no one formula for all
  • How effective are they?
    Yes. The herbs are very effective in correction the imbalance. One may see the result as short as one month, although it often necessary to take it for three to six months for severe and chronic conditions.
  • Are Chinese herbal medications safe?
    Chinese herbs are categorized as foods supplements and not as drugs in the U.S. In China, these herbal formulations were created as early as 220AD and through out the past 1800 years. Unlike new Western medications, it has a long history of safe use. Time of several hundreds years has filtered out most of unsafe herbs or foods. These herbs are used treat the root cause of an imbalance neither of an individual as determined by an experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are never intended as an over the counter self-determined supplements nor as a symptoms oriented commercialized product. Such practice adds an additional layer of safety. The safe herbs can become unsafe when it is misconstrued and mis-promoted by herbal companies for the use by the general public. The herba ephedra is an example. While it is extremely safe when it is used in the traditional formula in small dose with other herbs such as MahungTang for Colds and Flu, it is never used as a single herb at large for weight loss. Such misuse has caused serious side effect for a few consumers. There are a few possible but very infrequent adverse reactions one may expect such as dry mouth, flatulence, or a temporary change in bowel movements. A change of dose or discontinuing the herb will resolve the problem.
  • Are Chinese herbal medications containing hormones?
    Herbs are plants. Some raw plants contain plant trace amount of estrogen and some contains trace amount progesterone. The herbs are hormone-free. All herbs have been boiled at the manufacture to destroy its hormones. They can be taken before or even during (if needed) IUI and IVF cycles.
  • What criterion is used when prescribing herbal medications?
    As discussed earlier, the herbs are used to correct an imbalance found in a patient. If a patient was found to have "Kidney (Adrenal ) Yin" deficiency, herbal formula "Liu Wei Di Hung Tang" is used to supplement the condition, and vice versa. The best time to take herbs is when a patient is preparing herself to be in a perfect or optimal balance to conceive on their own or for future IUI or IVF. It may take 1 to 3 or even 6 months to turn the condition around. However, there are times when herbs are taken even during the IUI or IVF cycle if there is still a severs imbalance.
  • Does the Medical Establishment Approve of Acupuncture?
    Yes. There are more than 2,000 licensed acupuncturist in Australia with AHPRA.

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